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About IFL

The IFL Group has been safely flying air freight since 1983. We began our operation flying on-demand (Charter) with Cessna 310 and Piper Navajo aircraft out of Pontiac, Michigan. The fleet grew with the addition of a DC-3 in 1984 and subsequent additional DC-3s as our reputation for service spread as we became the largest DC-3 operator in the world. Our first Convair aircraft was added to the fleet in 1993 and was followed by our first turbine powered Convair in 1996. By 2000, we were operating a large fleet of Convair 340's, 580's and 5800's that soon expanded to include our Boeing 727-200 and Super 727-200 aircraft. The Boeing satisfies the need for heavy lift capability, backed by reliable service and maintenance. In 2004, we replaced our Cessna Caravans and expanded our Part 135 operation to include the market's only Fleet of Long Range Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft, outclassing our competition.
From the time we first started as a small Part 135 operator, to our acquisition of a Part 121 carrier, to our current position as an efficient Part 135 and Part 121 operator of multiple aircraft types, IFL Group has ably served the needs of our customers, safely and securely. We continue to strive to be the benchmark for customer-focused air transportation. Our operations now extend throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and well into Latin America, where we can serve all of our air cargo and charter needs.

President: Michael Church
Executive Vice President:  Chris Church
Vice President: Martha Wale
Director of Operations: Michael Cary
Director of Maintenance 121: William Brooks
Director of Maintenance 135: Mark Bunner
Flight Following Manager: Rob Snell


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